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Coyote Replica Works Great!

A five-star product review

I’ve had good luck with this. I move it around frequently, and this keeps the geese from trusting it. Much easier to go out and move this around than constantly re spraying goose repellents.

View the fake coyote replica goose repeller here.

Polycarbonate spikes are effective and affordable

Another excellent five-star Bird-X product review.

I needed to keep pigeons off of the tops of brick and wood columns on my front porch. The plastic bird spike strips were easy to handle and included plenty of glue which has held up fine so far (about 4 months). The ledges I had to protect are fairly narrow (about 2 and a half inches) so a single strip has been effective. I’m very please with the inconspicuous appearence, easy installation and total effectiveness of this product.

By ‘NOLADave’ from Louisiana

View the Bird-X bird spikes here.

No more cats!

A five-star product review from a satisfied customer.

my neighbor`s cats were constantly hunting under my bird feeders…but not anymore.i also bought one to keep deer out of my mother`s garden and it worked there also.

By ‘samiam’ from Georgia

View the YardGard electronic pest animal repellent device here.

Coyote replica is worth every penny!

A five-star review from

I was skeptical at first because we’ve tried everything under the sun. We staked the Coyote Decoy in a lidded plastic, rock-filled container. The coyote was set on our deck by the pool. I randomly moved it around. We haven’t had ONE duck in our YARD but less in the pool. Sorry to say . . . they have since moved to our neighbor’s pool. We’ve tried everything for the past four seasons with no luck. The irri-tape is flapping around the pool’s edge and alas – no bird dropping either! Superb product. Worth every penny! Recommending to our neighborhood pool store manager.

View the coyote replica silhouette cutout here.

Bird-X Bird Spikes prevent pesky birds from landing and nesting

A five-star product review

I bought several boxes of the Bird-X bird spikes because I happened upon a box of them locally and they worked great. The spikes are translucent plastic and very sharp (be careful). We needed to discourage birds from landing and nesting on the 1.5″ framing around some of our doors and windows. These spikes fit perfectly on such a narrow spot. I attached them with the included epoxy. Once in place the spikes are not very noticeable, although they are not invisible.

I recommend them to anyone looking to keep birds from landing or nesting on horizontal places.

By ‘WhiteDogs’ from California

Click here to view the Bird-X bird spikes!

Bird-X Transonic Pro keeps squirrels away from attic

A 5-star customer product review

Ordered it to try and eliminate squirrels from returning to attic. When installed, they immediately left and have not returned. [...] Sure seems to be working. Since the attic is pretty large, I ordered a 2nd one to place at the other end as additional protection.

By ‘Charlie310’ from Missouri

View the Transonic Pro electronic pest repeller here.

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