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Sparrow-Free Magic Halo is a Magic Indeed!

A 5/5 star customer product review

Works just as advertised. Sparrows hop all around it but don’t come in. Chickadees and finches feed as usual, but without the hassle of fighting with obnoxious sparrows. Rabbits soon clipped two of the hanging monofilament lines but fine wire replacements work just as well. Highly recommended.

By M. Nolte

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Bird-X bird netting keeps pesky birds away

A 5/5 star customer product review

We bought this net to protect our strawberry plants from the birds. It is really working and stop birds from trying to eat the strawberry seeds. We had some hard wind blowing for a while and this net sticks to the plant. All we did was mapped it out over the strawberry plants and cut the length as needed. After that we cover the whole surface of the plants with the net and leave some left over on each sides then we spread the net evenly. We never find the net in open or curled up or rolled up even after heavy rain storm plus the wind. Overall, we really happy in using this net and already planning to use it for next year planting season.

By S. Nayoan from Michigan

Check out the Bird-X bird netting here!

Bird-X bird spikes are effective!

A 5/5 star customer product review

Bird Spikes

For something so simple, they are definitely effective. I used them on a metal arbor. I hung two upside-down tomato planters from the arbor and had a bench underneath, but found the birds using the arbor as a toilet – not real healthy for the tomato plants and not a pleasant place to sit and enjoy the garden! I attached the plastic “spikes” to the arbor and no more birds. The glue has held up well – somewhat messy in applying, but not a huge problem. Was able to cut the spikes to fit.

By ‘cKenna’ from Illinois

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Bye Bye Doves, Hello Happiness!

A 5/5 star customer product review

Very happy with this product,a little pricey but after putting up with my neighborhood Morning Doves the price wasn’t lookin to bad. I moved into my current residence back in October and come spring I discovered I had some unexpected neighbors that were trying to move in by building a nest on top of my wall A/C unit. I tried everything I could think of and then I found this stuff. Bird-X has been working very well for the past few more Doves and I love it. Easy to use, just follow the directions and this stuff will work for you as well.

By John E.

View the Bird-Proof gel here

Coyote Replica Works Great!

A five-star product review

I’ve had good luck with this. I move it around frequently, and this keeps the geese from trusting it. Much easier to go out and move this around than constantly re spraying goose repellents.

View the fake coyote replica goose repeller here.

Polycarbonate spikes are effective and affordable

Another excellent five-star Bird-X product review.

I needed to keep pigeons off of the tops of brick and wood columns on my front porch. The plastic bird spike strips were easy to handle and included plenty of glue which has held up fine so far (about 4 months). The ledges I had to protect are fairly narrow (about 2 and a half inches) so a single strip has been effective. I’m very please with the inconspicuous appearence, easy installation and total effectiveness of this product.

By ‘NOLADave’ from Louisiana

View the Bird-X bird spikes here.

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