Bird-X bird netting keeps pesky birds away

Bird-X bird netting keeps pesky birds away

A 5/5 star customer product review

We bought this net to protect our strawberry plants from the birds. It is really working and stop birds from trying to eat the strawberry seeds. We had some hard wind blowing for a while and this net sticks to the plant. All we did was mapped it out over the strawberry plants and cut the length as needed. After that we cover the whole surface of the plants with the net and leave some left over on each sides then we spread the net evenly. We never find the net in open or curled up or rolled up even after heavy rain storm plus the wind. Overall, we really happy in using this net and already planning to use it for next year planting season.

By S. Nayoan from Michigan

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  1. John Thomas says:

    I thought that was interesting and I woul like to add that there is an Amish couple that used the bird netting in a clever way.

    They went to a big box store and bought a roll of plastic water pipe and cut it into lenghts that would allow them to make an arch. They pounded rebar into the ground to secure the pipe arches.

    They then rolled the netting out and covered their strawberry patch and had no bird damage as a result.

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